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likes: gouls dislikes: people's knees
FC: 3325-1326-5355

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pokeblaine replied to your photo: What a shirt

give it to me!

my sissy bought me it

you can find it at thinkgeek!

Jan 23 2013

becausefuckyoudarren replied to your post: man chris pine is HOT

that movie is literally the best thing to exist

i’ve never seen it before i’m so excited this looks so good

grantgust replied to your post: woah is there a word for the opposite of done


but you can’t say it like “im so incomplete i swear to god”

blaine-sam replied to your video: so i can pick my nose with my toes

i haven’t even played the video and i’m really upset why do you do these things

only 4 u bb

sebklaine replied to your post: bEUCASE ANNIE TAUGHT ABED EMPATHY

I’m surprised you don’t ship Annie and Abed together!

they are my brotp! i just love annie/jeff too much

albustumbldoree replied to your post: Community ;)

omggg I agree with everything I’ve never met anyone who understands why abed is the greatest:O

i’ve had sex dreams about him i wish i were joking

dot823 replied to your post: someone come talk to me about community

COMMUNITY! GAH I love community. I love them all.


abed is my favorite uwu

and i just want to read community fic but i have the hardest time finding anything

reply dot823 

anjewgarfield replied to your post: beer is the worst tasting alcohol i genuinely…

i threw up last time i had rum and now i like beer omg

omgm in the spring i like lived off of rum and cokes

liampain replied to your post: beer is the worst tasting alcohol i genuinely…

same omg it’s so gross

i have to like chase it with cookies to mask the flavor dear god i just want to be boozed up